Rinker Centre

Rinker Centre is a centre for entrepreneurship and training at Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation.
It was established in 2014 with the financial support of CAF America Foundation.

The mission of Rinker Centre is to support and develop a spirit of entrepreneurship in Bulgaria.
The programmes are oriented towards creating opportunities for sustainable employment, improving competitive power, adding value and innovation aiming to improve the quality of life in Bulgaria, primarily rural areas of the country. The Centre’s main programmes work towards training and spreading the spirit of entrepreneurship among children and adults. It also provides further training and qualification of the Bulgarian teachers by encouraging the use of innovative technologies, interactive methods of teaching and understanding students with special needs, learning difficulties, ethnic minorities. Furthermore, the Centre will support active young people through specific training.


Programmes for children

  • Training young entrepreneurs;
  • Virtual training materials and games;
  • „Sprouts“ – a competition for business ideas developed by children;
  • Training and support to young people voluntary organisations;

Resource Centre

  • Information about social enterprises, case studies, statistical data;
  • Information about funding opportunities;
  • Online resources for business plans development;
  • Group and individual consultations on available offers;

Social enterprise competition

  • A platform for supporting ideas of Bulgarian entrepreneurs;
  • Workshops on specific topics such as developing a business plan;
  • Selection and awarding scholarships to social entrepreneurs;
  • Mentorship to promising entrepreneurs;
  • Ongoing support to entrepreneurs;

Regional programmes

  • A social entrepreneurship competition targeting specific regions, sector or target audience;
  • Programme for children in the region;

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