Frequently asked questions

The Rinker’s Challenge programme targets entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs who:
•    Have a good business idea even if they don’t have a registered company
•    Have a good business idea and a newly developed company.

The programme is eligible to:
а/ individual physical entities or teams who do not constitute one legal entity. The programme is open to freelancer, agricultural farmers, etc.

b/ legal entities that are:
•    companies
•    non-for-profit organisations
•    community centres
•    cooperatives
•    agricultural farmers

a/ The following groups are not eligible:
•    municipal social enterprises
•    enterprises with the state and/or municipality as a majority stakeholder
•    trade unions
•    enterprises for producing special purpose goods (military industry)
•    security companies
•    gambling organisations

b/ The following applicants are not eligible:
•    new branches of functioning companies
•    Companies that have until now acquired external funding greater than 100 000 BGN.
•    Companies that have generated income greater than 100 000 BGN a year can only participate after additional consideration by the jury.
•    Projects which are extensions of existing companies owned by investment bodies.


Application is online and in Bulgarian only.
You need to fill in an Application form and attach signed and scanned the following documents:
1. CV/s (for each of the team member applying)
2. Appendices / Declarations:
1. Appendix 1 / Formal declaration (for each of the team member applying)
2. Appendix 2 / Organisational structure
3. Appendix 3 / Confidentiality form (for each of the team member applying)
4. Appendix 4 / Personal data form (for each of the team member applying)

December, 31st 2014. See also other significant dates in the programme’s calendar.


We invite entrepreneurs from all fields of business: education, IT, culture, agriculture, organic farming, social services, healthcare, light industry, etc.

We strongly encourage projects from Popovo municipality, region of Turgovishte to participate but we will support projects from all over Bulgaria.

Yes. You can apply individually or in a team. However, if your team is not set up before the beginning of Stage 2, your project will not move on in the competition.

One team may be represented in the Programme by 3 participants at the most.

Applicants will be assessed on the basis of the submitted documentation (application form and appendices) and interview.

The assessment criteria are the following:
•    Motivation – strong motivation to make an achievement
•    Educational background, qualification and experience of the applying person or team which is relevant to the business idea
•    Complementing competences in the team
•    Resources and access to resources for the applicants
•    Quality and applicability of the business ideas

Up to 30 participants will be selected.


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